future LIVE! is:
Interactive space for adults and
Are you ready to go on an intergalactic trip?

The magic of animated drawings, objects and sounds. The longing of an adult for the joy of playing like a child. The child's hope for a miracle. Mysterious semi-darkness. Unknown worlds. Alien creatures. Another me. A massive universe, promising endless surprises... future LIVE! was created by adults, who passionately longed to re-experience the best moments from their childhood.

"Future live!" is a family exhibition! That means that you can and should see it with the whole family. In this exhibition, both children and adults will be able to find something interesting, have fun and spend time usefully.

The exhibition is created in the form of Edutainment – the installations are not only entertaining, they also educate about the structure of the world, develop the ability to interact with others and stimulate creative thinking.

A new, highly demanded segment in the
market of family entertainment
  • Area: 600-1500m2
  • Average ticket price: 12-15 EURO
  • Average duration of a visit: 3 hours
  • Capacity: Up to 300 people at a time
  • Number of visitors per day: from 400 to 1500
  • Number of visitors per month: from 20 000
  • Period at one location: from 6-12 months
  • Content: More than 15 large-scale installations, VR zones, augmented reality, interactive projections, play zone, theatre and party area.
  • Audience: Adults, children, families, groups of children
  • Themes: interactive technologies, learning while playing, developing cooperation skills while playing, developing creative thinking
  • Additional services:
  • Birthday parties
  • Cafeteria
  • Gift shop
  • Merchandising
  • School groups
  • Other activities

In the real life there are no single correct answers.
  • Out of countless possible options we have to choose the one, that makes everyone around us happier – that will be the correct one. Collective creativity means interaction between all participants without a clear boundary between them, and, as a result, such interaction eliminates the problem of one correct answer and many wrong ones. Developing collective creativity is the main idea of this project.
  • In the exhibition future LIVE! we have combined the most innovative interactive technologies in the form of art objects and installations that you can and should communicate with. 3D mapping, interactive projections, virtual and extended reality – these are the technologies that we have used to unite the exhibition visitors with one joint creative impulse.
future LIVE! is:

You will find yourself in an unusual world, inhabited by aliens, fantastic flowers and plants from other planets, which will be fun to interact with for children and adults alike. The exhibited objects have been created by an international team of producers and interactive design studios from Latvia and Russia, who have used the latest UX-design developments.

future LIVE! current dates:
  • 1 season-
  • Riga, Lativia - December 15th 2017 - July 15th 2018
  • 2 season-
  • Riga, Lativia - Agust 30th 2018 - January 1th 2018
  • Tallinn - August 10th 2018
  • Minsk, Republic of Belarus - March 15th 2018 - March 15th 2019
  • 2 season - 30 th of August- 13 of January 2019
  • Vilnius Opening 20 of October 2018
  • Minsk July 15th 2018
  • Gomel 15 th of August
  • Tallinn - 2019
  • Kiev 2019
  • Poland 2019
  • Germany 2019